Phoenician pottery workshop


Industrial production of Phoenician ceramics on the coast of Vélez Málaga (Málaga, Spain), La Pacha, Los Algarrobeños and Las Chorreras where archaeological excavations have been carried out.

In this illustration I show the process of manufacturing amphorae, skylights, plates, vessels, bowls, jugs and other utensils in a Phoenician pottery workshop, describing the basic manufacturing stages such as clay preparation, wheel modeling, kiln firing, painting decorative and varnish.

In a first phase I start with previous sketches according to the indications of the art director Emilio Martín.
Once the sketch was approved, in a second phase I made a 3D composition as a base. In the final phase of post-production I retouch and paint details in photoshop.



Museo Mvvel Vélez Málaga
Ayuntamiento de Vélez Málaga

Art direction

Emilio Martín Córdoba / Director and Archaeologist of the Mvvel Museum