Toscanos Phoenician Port

Museo Mvvel-Vélez Málaga

This Phoenician colony has its origin in advanced moments of the s. VIII BC in southern Spain (Velez-Malaga in Malaga). Its location must have been a bay that penetrated inland, with its port in a sheltered area within the estuary of the mouth of the Vélez river.

I have the advice of the technical and art director of the museum, providing me with all the archaeological and historical information necessary for the illustration.

A first stage is the creation of a preliminary sketch and investigation of the composition based on an aerial photo of the location of the place.

Once this sketch was approved, in a second stage I made a 3D composition to obtain the most correct geometry possible. The final stage consists of post-production adding details, textures, light, shadow and other elements with Photoshop.



Museo Mvvel Vélez Málaga
Ayuntamiento de Vélez Málaga

Art direction

Emilio Martín Córdoba / Director and Archaeologist of the Mvvel Museum